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lamisse beydoun

لميس بيضون

Lamisse Beydoun is a multilingual documentary filmmaker and writer based in NYC.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Lamisse is the youngest daughter of Lebanese immigrants. She earned her International Baccalaureate with a specialities in History, French, Visual Arts and English literature from the Lycée International de Los Angeles. 

In 2015, Lamisse moved to New York City to study at The New School where she was awarded Journalism + Design scholarships until she graduated. She completed her BA program a year early, in 2018.  
That year, Lamisse  filmed and directed her first independent short documentary ‘Adira’ profiling queer Arabs in New York City. She is expanding this project into a docu-series profiling queer folks in Beirut.  

In 2019/20 she began her freelance work as a video editor and videographer. She documented global events from Lebanon’s first ever International Drag Day Performances to NYC’s very own FTP protests. She’s profiled a long list of local business owners, queer artists, and international revolutionaries.

She currently works as an Associate Producer. Her credits include TIME Studio’s ‘Sesame Street: 50 Years of Sunny Days’ (2021), Apple TV’s'Gutsy’ docuseries starring Hillary and Chelsea Clinton (2022) and One Story Up’s ‘TLC Forever’ (2023) which was accepted into Tribeca, SXSW and Sheffield DocFest.

   lamisse beydoun             ︎visual portfolio                 ︎resume                   ︎writing samples